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Friday, 18 January 2013

Why Writers Struggle

Whenever I get frustrated at the glacial progress or, usually, lack of same toward getting anything published, I think about how unalone I am in this feeling. Each of the…
Monday, 22 October 2012

Secrets of Undergound London

Most people visit London to enjoy the view from the top of the London Eye, shop in Harrod's magnificent halls or tramp the passageways of the British Museum. There is…
For most of my life I have wondered and speculated about the possibility that there might be survivors of the Titanic that no one knew about. In the most recent…
Tuesday, 07 February 2012

Writers and Humble Pie

There are many humbling moments in the life of a writer. Constant rejection from publishers and agents, bad reviews and non existent royalties to name only a few. But perhaps…
Monday, 09 January 2012

A Book at the Right Moment

When I graduated from college, the one thing I was looking forward to perhaps more than any other was the freedom to read whatever I wanted. No more assignments, no…

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